As Sera Technologies, we have been trading for 13 years and during that time we have built a successful and sustainable business and a network of high-quality suppliers. In 2020, this established supply chain enabled us to respond to the current global crisis and shortages of  Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and protective face masks arising from the Coronavirus.

Since we began offering PPE, it has grown to be a significant part of our business to such an extent that we are making it a permanent part of what we do moving forward as a trusted supplier of PPE and face masks. Our products are safe can be used across various sectors including schools, offices, retail and shop spaces. We welcome orders from everyone and of course front line workers and the healthcare sector.

We Only Stock Certified and Tested Products.

We offer various types of medical-grade PPE and non-medical masks, all of which have been tested and certified against the current international standards (otherwise we do not offer them). This includes fluid repellant FRSM Type IIR mask, KN95 FFP2 / N99 FFP3 respirator masks, N95 filtering masks, and washable and disposable surgical style face masks. We also deal in face masks for children. Other than face masks, we also have a selection of recommended PPE to suit your needs including nitrile examination gloves, medical-grade disposable aprons, infrared thermometers, and adjustable face visors. 

Why Choose Us?

  • Our customers have rated us as having 5* customer service. We are always available to answer any queries you may have or if you need help in choosing a product that best suits your need. For any queries, you can live chat with us or contact us via email – or call us on 01727 600102
  • We offer safe and secure payment options for your purchases
  • Free UK delivery on orders over £40
  • Global shipping
  • 30 Day return policy, for unused and unopened goods

See our Delivery and Returns information for full details of all delivery options.

We shall continue to increase what we offer when we are satisfied that the products we add are of high quality, are trusted to be so, and can add to the users’ safety, so you can feel confident when ordering PPE from Sera Supplies.

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